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Sometimes our bodies are tense. Other times our bodies don’t move how we’d like them to. And in this world of constant stress we seem to becoming more and more disconnected from our bodies.

When people want to learn how to reconnect to their bodies, release old, unwanted movement habits that may be causing stress, tension, aches, pains, and lack of coordination, they study the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique Denver Colorado

The Alexander Technique is studied worldwide by:

  • People with chronic pain associated with tension in their shoulders, neck, and back.
  • Individuals who want to learn to how soothe their nervous system, release their muscles, and balance their body.
  • Actors, dancers, singers, and musicians who want to lessen performance anxiety, improve body awareness and enhance stage presence.
  • Athletes who want to improve coordination and balance, while reducing strain.
  • People who want to improve posture, coordination, and body-mind connection.

Through private lessons in the Alexander Technique, you will develop a greater sense of your movement patterns and posture.

“I have had chronic neck and upper shoulder pain for years. I have found that the Alexander Technique has helped like no other method. I have better posture, less pain throughout the day, and have learned techniques that help me manage issues throughout the week. Kris is excellent. You must give the Alexander Technique a try.”

-Beth C.

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